Monday, January 4, 2016

Best Way to Get Rid of Windows 7 Professional keeps on wanting to download updates

Questions:I have already installed Windows 7 Professional with service pack 1 so I really would like to know as regards to Windows 7 Professional as to why it keeps on wanting to download up dates of some 460 MB in that being a total of 176 updates and then seemly getting stuck on the 140th update in it’s downloading which has already gone on for hours downloading at that one point alone.

Seeing that something is wrong here I then close down the internet connection one also closes down the computer by clicking on the closed down icon at which point it now wants to install 140 updates out of 176 so one lets it run it course and hours now pass and it seem to be doing nothing and time still passing some 3 hours and still the computer has not closed down and it seemly stuck in a loop so one forces a close a down by holding down the power button until is switch the system down and off.

When one re boots the system up again it still wants to install these updates so you let it do it thing and after about 30 minutes it will come to the windows welcome screen where one has to put one password in and then it still continues to instill updates and after about 20 minutes it finally bring the system on line.

All seem well for the next few days.

BUT here we go again in that after a few days it wants to now uninstall these up date and roll back the system.
Then after the system has re booted a few times all seem well once again

And then a few days after that you got it now it wants to download 460 MB of 176 updates and it all starts all over again …back into the twilight zone we go.

As this is about the 6 or 7 time just about in a row it has done this stunt so can any one shed some light on this as to why it is doing this at all as it driving me nuts and I am ready to revert back to Windows XP Professional at lest that system update are over.

My system is a HP Compaq 6710b laptop 32 bit with 2GB of Ram and the sects are stock standard as revised by HP Computers.

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