Sunday, January 31, 2016

How to Benefit From Your Virtual Toll Free Number Calling Features

With the recent affordability and ease of obtaining a toll free number, an increasing number of small businesses have begun setting up their service through sites like,, and Having a business toll free number sets you apart from the competition and helps establish your credibility in the business world - but when you learn to use the variety of features that come with a virtual toll free number, you'll benefit in numerous other ways, as well.

Most of the big providers of virtual toll free numbers provide similar services, including:

Caller ID Show: You can choose whether to show your toll free number or your actual phone number when making phone calls.

Call Forwarding: Whenever you aren't available to take calls in your workplace, you can set up the call forwarding service to have your inbound calls automatically sent to your cell phone or other phone or your choice.

Follow Me Call Forwarding: If you are commonly on the go and don't want to try to remember to set up your call forwarding to a specific number each time you leave the office; you can use follow me call forwarding. Each time the call comes in on your toll free number, it will forward to a list of numbers you specify until you have been reached.

Voicemail: In the event you are in a meeting or otherwise unable to take calls, your incoming calls will be routed to a voicemail system. You can access all of your voicemail messages from any phone, email or online.

Call Screening and Announce: There are times when you're waiting for a call from someone specific but other people call while you're waiting. With call screening and announce services through your toll free number, you can decide which calls to take at any time and which calls to let the voicemail pick up.

Music or Call on Hold: Increase the perception of professionalism with your clients with hold music. If you should have to place a caller on hold, background music will play. Music has been proven to sooth people, and having music for people on hold will help them stay calm while they wait.

Live Call Transfer: Just like a large office with multiple departments and phone extensions, you can use the # sign to transfer your call to different extensions.

Call Allow List: In some cases, you may not want people to call your toll free number from all parts of the world or every location. You can put certain locations on your allow list and prevent other locations from accessing your toll free number.

Call Blocking: You can choose which phone numbers to block whenever you may have the need to avoid calls from certain phone numbers.

No Busy Signal: The last thing you want to do is have your prospects get the busy tone when your lines are busy because even with one line, your system has unlimited call handling.

Unlimited Call Handling - even if you only have one phone line, you can handle unlimited incoming calls, making your organization look bigger and more established.

Additional features are available with virtual toll free numbers but the point is the features make it possible for you to operate a more professional business.

Lee Percival is a small business owner who uses business toll free phone service. He recommends getting a toll free phone number for business use to improve your professional image and customer service.
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